Friday, August 10, 2012

Five minute Friday Five

I'm setting the clock five minutes in which to complete this Friday Five,!

1. Have you planned anything for the fall/winter that you are so proud of yourself for doing so? What is it?
Got a lot of worship planning done, which I'm pleased about. And working with my family to create a little more of a deliberate rhythm for ourselves. We'll see how it goes, but we love the idea of it.

2. What day of the week describes how you feel about yourself and why?
Saturday. Saturday has always felt like a day of new beginnings for me, since Friday has often been a day off. I feel like I'm starting new at the moment.

3. If you could have been with Jesus at any one of his miracles, which would it have been, and why?
Probably would have been Lazarus from the dead, because I probably would be Martha. And Ive always loved how practical the women are at the tomb in that story. "You really want to raise him, Lord? He probably is not going to smell that good by now..."

4. If you could have had another brother or sister, what would you have wanted, and why?
I have three brothers, seven stepbrothers, one step sister, one ex-stepbrother and two ex-stepsisters. I'd say that's about enough.

5. If you had to choose one word that defined you and your life, what word would it be?
Surprising. (I really want to say more about this, but since it is one word...)


  1. I love the idea of creating [more of] a deliberate life rhythm! interesting observation about Saturday, too--thanks for playing!!!!!

  2. While I don't have as many siblings as you...they ones I have are a handful enough. I really like Saturdays, as well, if I have my sermon done. (which is what I am to be doing right now...writing a sermon)

  3. Love those practical women. Nice play.

  4. great play--thanks for sharing!
    I've introduced your new blog to RGBP today--welcome back! If you have a chance to add our new button (it's in the sidebar of the main site), that would be awesome. Thanks!