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With Jeff and Elijah in Hawaii. Happy place!
I'm descended from pastors and wanderers, and I had to wander a bit before I realized I was going to be a pastor, too.

There's a woman in the pulpit.
In my twenties, I worked in a theater scene shop, a folk record label, a train museum, a toy store, a school library, a few odd restaurants and two wonderful cooperative grocery stores.  I was one half of the Old Turtle Peace Tour, during which I traveled in a VW bug painted like a turtle to 48 states and talked with children about peace.

I finally figured out I should go to seminary when I was 30 and was blessed to attend Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry.   I served as Minister for Pastor Care at Magnolia UCC in Seattle WA just after graduation; and as Senior Pastor at Hillsdale Community Church - UCC in Portland, Oregon from 2007-2015. I currently serve as designated term pastor at First Congregational Church in Vancouver Washington.

I'm a member of the Revgalblogpals, and have contributed to our group's book of essays, There’s a Woman In the Pulpit.  My family and I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Hawaii in 2013, where I surfed with turtles, wrote a memoir called Swim,Ride, Run, Breathe and ate a lot of dessert.

I'm married to photographer, designer and all around terrific husband Jeff Brownell and we have one teenage son, Elijah, who has made us laugh pretty much every day since the day he was born.  We share our house with two pups, who are ridiculous freeloaders, but we're crazy about them. 

I pray every day, but hardly ever the same way or at the same time. I alternate between swimming, riding my bike, aerobics and hot yoga with equally clumsy exuberance. I spend entirely too much time on Facebook

Jeff has a kind of muscular dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, so some of my writing is about his disability in particular and being in a body in general - when its not about other things I'm interested in like Jesus, having enough time, science fiction re-runs, compassion or bananas with peanut butter. 

You can reach me at jennifergbrownell at gmail.com.

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