Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Five

This weeks' Friday Five. What will the last five months of the year bring?

1. August - A week of much anticipated and much needed vacation. Also, three days of study leave here. A quiet room and someone else is cooking is practically a vacation in my book, so it's almost like 2 for 1.

2. September - Hopefully, we'll be starting a big remodel project that's been in the works for a while. You know that dream where you open a door you never noticed before and realized there's a totally extra room in your house? That one, only real.

3. October - A trip to the beach. It's whale migration time - I wonder if we'll see any?

4. November - Last year, it snowed on the SW Trails Thanksgiving Day Hike. I was walking next to someone from California and she told me about the first time she saw snow falling from the sky. She'd seen it on the ground before, but never from the sky until she was in college and it still, she said, gave her a happy thrill. Looking forward to whatever good conversation November will bring.

5. December - The rest of you are thinking of Christmas, but first it's happy birthday to meeeeee! (Only 141 more shopping days til December 11!)


  1. Patricia and I are planning to join you for that October "trip to the beach."