Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Most everything you read says that you should establish a regular rhythm (a word I almost avoided because it is so devilish to spell - thank you autocorrect) of your practices whatever they are. Have you noticed that the advice is the same, whether you are reading an article on more restful sleep, more productive creation of art, healthier relationship with food, more effective prayer? "Pick a time and a method and stick with it. Some days it will suck, but this is how you get enough sleep/produce more and better art/eat well/connect with the divine - one day at a time, day after day after day, the same time and the same way, every day."

Mosteverythingyouread just doesn't work at all in my case. I do things, all things, pretty much -with the possible exception of work - in fits and starts and spurts.

I wonder if that is not restful/productive/healthy/connected because it is not a good way to be, or if I feel stressed/unproductive/unhealthy/disconnected because mosteverythingyouread tells me that I am doing it wrong.

Maybe my unmethodical method is its own method. Maybe if I embrace the way I do things instead of always trying to do them the way mosteverythingyouread says it should be done, I might actually feel more restful/productive/healthy/connected.

I'm going to start now, by going to bed at 9:47, 1 hour and 13 minutes earlier than usual. Because I just feel like it, that's why.

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