Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the blog again

I seem to be starting a new blog.

I tried to start one a while back, but I was writing some super secret stuff, and then I password protected it so very awesomely that I can no longer access it. Yeah. So, anyway, I'm not doing that again, but also not broadcasting this far and wide until I see if it sticks.

Anyway, I ran into some old friends at a conference in Seattle and they asked me why I'm not blogging now, and the reason I told them sounded kind of weak, even to me.

And, then, as we were getting on the train, we walked out onto the platform behind a woman with a sensible white haircut who was pushing a guy (wearing an unseasonably warm hat and a bad shave) in a wheelchair. She was grinning to herself, and then she leaned over him, resting her chin cozily on his shoulder so she could whisper some private joke right into his ear. Later, when I walked past them in the train, I saw his hand out of the blanket she had tucked around him, resting on her thigh.

They were both so beautiful, and so happy to be together, I wanted to remember them. So now I will.

If I don't forget how to get back here.

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